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It wasn't until recently that I discovered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Everybody knows that old saying. Do what you love and it will not seem like work.
After I got out of the Army, Infantry by the way, I went to work at a local restaurant. Started off as a cook, worked my way up to management. After about 15 years if felt more like baby...sitting adults than enjoyment.
Next I became a mechanic. I enjoyed working on my own cars so why not get paid working on others. I soon realized there is no such thing as an old mechanic. With the physical demand on the body, crazy pay structure and the fact that most of us have more money in our tools than our own automobiles. So after many years of turning wrenches I was doing a lot of thinking.
One thing that I've realized in all my years of working is that everything needs cleaned. I didn't mind doing the cleaning, in fact I enjoyed seeing the difference I could make. With that being said I decided to start my own cleaning company. Nothing big, just part time at first. You know, start smart start small. That's exactly what I do.
Well that's my professional life. Outside of work I'm a proud family man. I volunteer for a local animal rescue group. I believe I am a good person and try to help others be a better as well.
Thanks for letting me introduce myself.

P.O. Box 521

Dublin, OH 43017, USA